Summer is here, so pack your bags for a journey to Thailand. This week, welcome Dave Rowland of @schizotypefonts! Follow along to see what he’s been up to since his Creative Characters interview, and some samples of his seriously awesome script designs. #fontface

@schizotypefonts: “I have lived in Koh Samui, Thailand with my wife Lauren for coming up to four years now. It’s a great place to live and work and it’s nice and relaxed. At least it was until this little one turned up! Yep, it’s been a busy year for us. Hazel turns one in August. She’s a happy little baby but she keeps us on our toes. It’s hard to balance working from home with family life, but we’re getting there. The type here is something I’m working on at the moment, currently untitled. I’m rubbish at thinking up names for fonts; all the good ones are taken. I’m always open to suggestions!” #fontface #typelife #worklifebalance

@schizotypefonts: “You could say I’ve had my mind on babies recently. I’ve been reading a lot of children’s books and looking at a lot of children’s products. I suppose it’s inevitable that that this was going to influence the kind of fonts I’m making. My latest release, Blanket, is designed to be child friendly without being childish. I’d love to see it used on a kids’ book, but it’s nice to see my fonts used anywhere. If you’ve used any of my fonts, please do share what you’ve done with me, I think it’s the best part of being a type designer.” #fontface #designspiration #fonts #schizotype

@schizotypefonts: “Here’s a sign I made for our wedding. It’s based on Samui Script. I love getting old bits of wood and cobbling stuff together out of them. My design process for fonts is pretty much 100% digital, so it makes a nice change to get my hands dirty and paint some letters for a change.” ?  by @camerahannah #fontface #wedding #process

@schizotypefonts: “I would not describe myself as a graphic designer, so I tend to spend a disproportionately large amount of time making the posters that publicise my fonts. I try to give examples of possible real world use, rather than just the standard stacked and justified type specimens (although I am a sucker for them too!). This is a mockup using a combination of Schizotype Grotesk and Astrid Grotesk. Astrid was derived from Schizotype Grotesk so they should work pretty well together.” #fontface #typespecimen

@schizotypefonts: “Another hypothetical real world use. I’d love to see my fonts on skateboards for real, but until then Photoshop will have to suffice. This is Oldskool Script – it’s actually my favourite of all my fonts, despite it’s limited commercial success.” #fontface #script #skateboarding

@schizotypefonts: “I wanted to make a big, pan-European family with all the OpenType bells and whistles, and Asterisk Sans Pro is the result. It has support for #Latin, #Cyrillic and modern #Greek, the first of my typefaces to do so. Given the amount of work it was, it might be the last of my typefaces to do so! Sometimes it’s nice to just make a quick and easy single weight display face.” #fontface

@schizotypefonts: “It’s good that I live in Thailand, because it’s a rarity that I see my fonts on products here. When I’m in the UK and I see them on products, I will often buy that product. And let me tell you, I don’t need any encouragement to eat biscuits! These here feature my most popular font, Gelato Script, nicely customized. If you’re weighing up whether that font purchase you’re mulling over will lead to increased sales, go for one of my fonts and stick it on some biscuits an you’ll made your money back straight away!” #fontface #foodie

@schizotypefonts: “These are our three dogs, Lola, Soi & Pepper. They’re all rescued soi (Thai for ‘street’) dogs. Lola came from the local dog rescue centre, we found Soi sick on the beach, and Pepper was saved from a truck bound for Vietnam for the dog-meat trade. They’re a handful but we wouldn’t be without them. This is some lettering I did just for fun. I don’t get to do much, but it’s always good to practice drawing smooth curves. I like lettering because you don’t have to design every letter, so you can be a lot more free with your design choices. You don’t get that freedom with fonts. I doubt I’m alone amongst type designers in hating certain letters. x is the worst, I’d happily see it removed from the alphabet!” #fontface #woofwoof

@schizotypefonts: “Here’s some wood type (ahem) that I made for the nursery. You’ll have to excuse the kerning! I’d love to have a little shop and fill it with stuff knocked together from wood. I think for the time being, type design is probably the safer option.” #fontface #kerning

@schizotypefonts: “I love this packaging design for Nuttall Jam. It’s customized Streetscript Redux, and I think the minimalism of the design works really well. I’m constantly surprised by the variety of uses my fonts get. It’s really cool when I see my fonts used in ways I’d never have thought of.” #fontface #custom

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