Earlier this year we announced some changes to the MyFonts cart and checkout pages that streamlined the user experience, making it easier to get in, out and on with your day. Today, we’re excited to let you in on the next step we’re taking towards a fully redesigned MyFonts: a brand new Buying Choices UI.

This part of the redesign was motivated and directed by users; before, throughout and after the redesign process we conducted tons of user research, took what we learned from it, and continued to improve upon the design and overall experience from there, constantly working to make it as easy and efficient as possible for users to select the type and quantity of licenses they need.


Did you know that the more license types you buy, the more you save? Our new Buying Choices page makes it easy to determine just how much you’ll save when you add multiple license types at once, highlighting the discounted total price of the various package options.


We wanted to create a page that makes it simple for users to easily change the number of desktop users and/or webfont pageviews and other licensing quantities you’d like to buy from the very first page. Does the website you’re designing get a ton of traffic? You can quickly select the number of pageviews you’ll need and get back to the fun work of designing.

The new Buying Choices design is cleaner, more modern and much more in tune with the new overall design of the site. It also standardizes the buying choices experience. Before we redesigned it, the buying choices tab on the family page and the buying choices popup that appeared when a user clicked “Add to cart” were drastically different and each had their strengths. Combining the best aspects of each page, the new design will now appear in both places, making it a more consistent process for visitors.

The new design is super slick – but don’t take our word for it. Go test out the “Add To Cart” button and see for yourself!

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MyFonts Redesign: New Buying Choices UI